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Dreaming of a Dead Loved One

As many of us have experienced, losing loved ones to death can be deeply traumatizing; and dreaming of a dead loved one may happen shortly after their passing. What do these dreams mean? Are we communicating with the dead in dreams? It’s hard to know for sure, but in both lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences, it’s possible to communicate with them. After we have had these experiences, it’s up to us to determine how real that is or not.

For me, it first happened in a lucid dream; a lucid dream is when one is aware that they are dreaming; this was an excellent opportunity for me because I could ask my mother whatever I wanted. It’s easier said than done, though, as it can be challenging to maintain control over lucid dreams or even to be able to find them. In most of my experiences, I got too emotional when it happened, and anything I had planned to ask went out of the window; this is at least one path to pursue, though, if it’s something you’re willing to explore. If you’re interested, you can read more here on how to lucid dream.

Premonition of Death

Two years before my mother had passed, I began having spontaneous lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences. In fact, on my first night of lucid dreams, I saw my mother on her death bed; it was a terrible sight to see, and all of my emotions left me on seeing it. She was lying in a bed and covered with a white sheet. It was a large, dimly lit room with at least 12 beds dressed in white bedsheets—hers was the only bed occupied. It was too much to bear, and I turned away to continue down the opposite direction of the hallway; this was a precursor to seeing her later on after her death. Sometimes, I wonder why these lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences started happening in the first place. Was it to prepare me for what I’d face in the future?

Talking to Dead Loved Ones in Dreams

For a year after my mother had passed, I felt almost dead myself; the spark of life had left me, and at times I thought I could even smell death. Within weeks after my mother passed, I began seeing her in lucid dreams. At first, she was still very sick and not even able to talk. My mother had died from liver cancer, and it was a terrible way to die. When I first saw her in the lucid dreams, tears poured from my eyes, and I placed my hands on both sides of her face and told her, “I love you, Mom!” I also told her that this wasn’t real and that she had passed away, but we’d see each other again one day.

At this part of my journey in lucid dreams, I thought these experiences were just dreams and nothing more; perhaps it was my mind, I thought, that could hack the dreams, but I felt that nothing I experienced was evidence of the afterlife. After many more years of such experiences in dreams and being out-of-body, my opinion on the existence of the afterlife began to change. As time went on, my mother started to appear healthier in dreams. Eventually, I would see her in my dreams as a healthy-looking middle-aged woman again. Seeing her often triggered me to become lucid, as I would subsequently realize my mother had passed and recognized it was a dream. At those times, I would become emotional again, hug her and cry—she always hugged me back.

Other lucid dreamers have had more success than me visiting their dead loved ones and have had conversations. Some receive messages of hope and that their loved ones are in a better place. Although I don’t know the answer to this, I like to think it’s true.

A Battle of Wills

As my abilities in lucid dreaming became more robust, I would always search for my mother but to no avail. That is until one day, after becoming lucid in a dream, I exerted with all my might to try and find her. Then, the scenery suddenly changed, and I found myself standing outside in front of a high wall made out of junkyard pieces; it was of old wooden doors, metal panels, and scraps stacked up and held magnetically together. With my mind, I immediately began ripping away the pieces and began stepping closer, determined nothing would stop me. As soon as I would rip off the doors and panels, more articles would appear to fill the gaps; this only made me more determined, though, and in a rage-like state, I used all my power to rip the objects away. Quickly, it became clear that this was a battle of wills against an unknown foe—someone was trying to prevent me from getting through.

In my rage-like state of mind, which only grows as the battle goes on, I can see that the foe is weakening against my onslaught. Moments later, I was victorious, and the wall disappeared. Now, I find myself in a hallway of what appears to be an ancient-looking building; It’s dimly lit and with no windows—I can’t tell if I’m aboveground or underground. The architecture reminds me of something ancient civilizations might build, but this is far more advanced. Before me is a dark-coloured stone-like wall wholly covered with engravings. Although I have no idea what material it is made of, it looks like something between stone and metal.

My rage is still boiling, and I barely pause to examine my surroundings before continuing down the hallway. I soon walk into a vast, open and dimly lit chamber. Before me, a pathway leads to a circular raised platform, where a perfect-looking young woman stands. On the other side of me is a deep chasm, and I’m surprised there are no railings for safety—someone could walk off. Everything, though, the pathway, platform, walls, and structures are intricately designed and breathtaking.

Astral Entities

The woman is standing still on the platform with her hands at her sides. She looks hurried and stressed, and I notice her face is changing and trying to morph into the image of my mother. As I witness this, my heart sinks, all of my emotion leaves me, and it fills me with a deep sadness. “This isn’t my mother,” I thought to myself, and the dream soon ends. At the time, it seemed as though the perfect-looking woman was trying to deceive me. Could it have been my mother? It’s possible, but I still doubt it. Also, it was strange that she couldn’t have changed her face or form instantly since this was the ‘dream world.’ Or was it the dream world? It’s something that I still ponder over; this wasn’t the first time I have seen these strange, perfect-looking women in my lucid dreams. They appear super-intelligent with serious personalities, have perfect body symmetry and weight, and dress rather plain. When they appear in my dreams, they are either observing me or having me do tests; at some point, I will cover this in future posts. For now, it’s a mystery that I haven’t cracked.


Whether it’s possible to communicate with the dead or not, dreaming of a dead loved one is a way for us to see them again. Some feel that communicating with the dead is something dangerous. They believe that these are entities that are trying to deceive us. While I don’t think anything dangerous can happen to us in dreams or out-of-body experiences, it’s always good to question everything we experience—we should never take anything of it at face value.

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