Lucid Dream Experiences – My First Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream Experiences

After my spontaneous experience of being in the void, I began looking into lucid dreaming. Within a few weeks, I would have one of my first lucid dream experiences. Many of the techniques used to induce lucid dreams are rather simple. One is to get into the habit of plugging your nose throughout the day, breathing in through your nose, and asking yourself if you are dreaming. If you can still breathe in through your nose while it’s plugged—you must be dreaming!

Eventually, your daily habits will start to happen in your dreams. Even if the ‘nose technique’ isn’t what causes you to become lucid, setting the attention each day is the most significant help; any techniques you regularly practice helps to solidify your intentions.

When one becomes lucid in a dream, the experience can feel as though you have a burst of energy or awareness that surges through your body. Sometimes it can feel like you’re Superman on steroids. An important aspect to note is that becoming lucid in a dream is only the beginning; the experience can be so exciting that the stability of the dream can break down and cause you to wake up.

My First Lucid Dream

Within a few weeks of practicing techniques to wake up inside my dreams, it finally happens! My memory starts with being in my bedroom, talking with some evil secret agent whom I was trying to escape. Quickly I make my escape and leave my bedroom; as the door closes behind me, suddenly I’m fully lucid.

Standing in the hallway in awe, I slowly take in my surroundings. It’s the same small hallway outside my bedroom, but the colours of the painted walls are off; all the colours are pastel versions of what it should be in reality. Intuitively, I begin adjusting the colours of the walls, and they immediately began to change; I never got it exactly to how it should be, but it was close enough, and I had far more exciting things to do!

Astral Body

I looked at my hands now, and they looked close enough to how they should, but they were somewhat distorted. Next, I decide to look down at my body, and this is when things get bizarre. Instead of my head moving to look down, it switched to something like a ‘camera 2’ view of looking down.

At first, it was startling because I couldn’t see my body. It was as if I was in an alternate dimension now. Everything around me looked something like static TV noise that you would see on old analog TVs. Except instead of dots or squares, the static was made of vertical lines. Waving my arms out in front of my face, I could see the outline of them as the edges became denser. When I stopped moving them, I was no longer able to distinguish them out of all the static. Deciding to look up now, it was as if I went back to a ‘camera 1’ view, and everything looked normal again.

Astral Entities

A short distance from me on the left is the entry-way to the dining room. Straight ahead is the kitchen and then the front door. As I walk closer to the kitchen, I notice something to my left in the dining room. I turn to look and see a middle-aged woman standing at the far end of the room. She had dark coloured hair that was turning grey and was slightly over-weight. Her face had the look of a woman who had been through a tough life.

Her dead eyes are staring at me, and her face is expressionless. She did not attempt to move, but I was terrified! I immediately began to run into the kitchen and towards the front door of the house. As I ran, I worried that it would take me to long to open the door, so I decided that I would try to dematerialize myself and rematerialize on the other side. It worked, though not as I had expected. I had escaped that scary, middle-aged lady but now find myself in the static world of lines again. The dream now starts to become unstable, and I find myself back in bed.

At this point, I thought my lucid dreaming for the night was over. However, moments later, I felt strange sensations in my body, and before I knew it I was standing in an unusual, underground hall; This will be the topic for my next post, which I’ll link to after it is finished.


Do you have any lucid dream experiences you’d like to share? Please feel free to share it in the comment section below!

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