Alien Contact – A Psychic Encounter with a Grey Alien

A Psychic Encounter with a Grey Alien

Some years after I started meditating, then having lucid dreams and out-of-body-experiences, a new and extraordinary event happened to me. It’s not clear what exactly happened that night, although I don’t think it was a false awakening. A false awakening is when one believes they are awake, but in reality, is dreaming; I’ve had a lot of experience with this and feel that I can rule it out as unlikely. Although it may have been caused by my trouble breathing when I first woke up—perhaps the experience was a hallucination. The event happened in the middle of the night while I was sleeping.

Alien Contact?

In the middle of the night, I wake to hear strange sounds in my head. The sounds are one syllable in length, and it plays inside in my head non-stop; it seems to be a language of sorts. It’s a fascinating experience, though, and so I refrain from moving my body concerned that it could cause it to end. Despite the effort to catch my breath, I tried to examine the language to see if I could find any pattern in the repeating sounds but was unable to. As I wondered as to the source of the sounds, strangely, I can ‘psychically’ follow it to the source.

My mind leads me to a humanoid entity standing just outside the french doors of my bedroom. I sense that it has no awareness of me being conscious, and whatever it is doing with the sounds, they seem directed to my brain rather than to my conscious mind. Shockingly, I can see the entity partially with my mind now; it is humanoid and wearing a brown hooded robe. The alien has grey skin, and the thought of rhinoceros skin comes to my mind as if in comparison. Not so much about the thickness, but the rough texture and perhaps strength. The right side of the hood rests against a broad ridge around its eye, although I was not able to see the eye itself.

The struggle to breathe properly was becoming too much to bear now, and I adjusted my position. As soon as I moved my body, I hear the sound of weight lifting off of the old pine floorboards, where the ‘alien’ was standing. These sounds are a regular occurrence in the house when anyone is walking around—the floorboards are quite noisy. Sensing that it’s gone, I turn to look at the doors; the moonlight shining into the hallway allows me to see through the glass windows of the french doors, but there is no entity or person in the hallway. My breathing returns to normal, and I quickly enter the hallway to investigate, but nothing is to be found.

Psychic Threats

After I returned to bed, I pondered over whether this indeed happened or if it had something to do with my difficulty in breathing. The more I thought about it, the more I felt frustrated about the whole event. What was its purpose in visiting me? What was it doing to my brain? Mentally I started projecting out that frustration to the universe. Even though the experience never felt nefarious per se, it was the home invasion, secrecy and tinkering of my mind that felt immoral. If you’re going to enter someone’s house uninvited, at least introduce yourself and your intentions, right? After sending out some more psychic ‘threats,’ I had a little laugh over it, and I went back to sleep.

An Unexpected Apology

Later that day, in the afternoon, I was on my typical route walking to the post office to drop off parcels from work. Not long on my path, I noticed three kids sitting on the front lawn of a small house. They are all spaced far apart, not talking, nor even facing each other; it was an unusual sight, and I wondered why they weren’t in school. As I passed them by and reached 10 to 15 feet away, one of them yelled out to me, “We’re sorry!”. Immediately I was reminded of that alien experience as if ‘they’ are the ones apologizing. The apology struck my heart—I’m not one to hold grudges.

This whole experience could have been some weird dream or hallucination with a coincidental apology at the end. But if it wasn’t just a random string of events, and this was an ‘alien’ encounter, it was indeed a fascinating experience.

An Invisible UFO

It was possibly around that time, although I can’t remember the exact date that I saw a bizarre shadow pass over me. It happened while I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car when suddenly, this large shadow passed over it. I watched the road in front of me as the shadow moved down to the end of the roadway until I could no longer see it. It was travelling swiftly, but not so fast that I couldn’t point it out to the person in the driver seat beside me, who also witnessed it. The shadow was at least as wide as the 2-lane road. Immediately, I got out of the car to check the sky. Looking up, I saw that it was virtually a cloudless sky with only a few tiny, slow-moving clouds at a high-altitude.

Interestingly, if the shadow continued on that direct flight path, within minutes, it would lead it to a uranium processing plant. After sharing the experience with a UFO researcher, I was told that nuclear-related facilities are often a hot spot for UFOs.

Aliens in the Astral Realm

Some astral travellers report of seeing aliens in lucid dreams; this hasn’t been the case with me in fully lucid dreams, although it has happened twice in two partially lucid dreams. In the first case, I was standing around in a brightly lit room with at least six other people. There was the feeling that it was a medical centre of sorts, but the place seemed pretty empty except for people. After a short time, a woman hands me a toddler. Almost immediately, I felt repulsion to it as it wasn’t human. The shoulders were broad and firm—it also felt much heavier than I expected. Looking down at it, I see a greyish, goblin type creature. Quickly I handed the toddler back to the woman, and she took it away.

In the second experience, sometime in the same week, I found myself sitting around a bunch of people who were conversing with each other. To the right of me, I notice a baby is lying on a square piece of furniture; its head was unsupported and was partially sticking out off of the furniture. Moved by compassion and concern for the baby, I immediately went over to it and shifted its body back, so that its head was fully supported.

As I look at the baby, I notice it’s body and limbs are very slender; its neck and head seemed unusually long, and as I look at its eyes, they start to morph and shift to small almond-shaped eyes. I remember seeing its pupils; if I remember correctly, they were yellowish-orange colour. They looked soulless as if they lacked the spark of life, or perhaps it was a deep sadness that I was seeing in them.


It’s hard to know what exactly happened to me when I had that supernatural encounter with an alien. I keep an open mind about it, but I haven’t come to any conclusions as there are other possible explanations. For example, my difficulty in breathing during the event, that could have caused me to hallucinate. I have had other similar experiences without the breathing difficulty, none of those involved aliens, but they could be explained by sleep paralysis. In those experiences, there were entities such as a haglike witch and incorporeal spirits.

That’s it for now about my ‘alien contact’ experience. Have you had any experiences with aliens? Share it in the comment section below!

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  1. In my experience, when one becomes active on the subtle plane and registers the existence of others who may or may not choose to interact in our ‘reality’, we realize – if and when they choose – they can adopt a non-threatening form to connect with us. Thank you for sharing your encounters.

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